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Xamarin based mocking framework that really helps to isolate dependencies in your mobile unit tests


Here comes the True Fakes 2.0! More than 200 times faster, supports Windows Phone and has more true features. Learn more.

Key Features

Created for true mobile developers

Uses compile-time mocking generation that allows you to use True Fakes for writing unit tests with fully isolated system under test for Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS and running them directly on the device!

Created for true mobile developers

Follow the Arrange-Act-Assert model

Write trustworthy, maintainable and readable unit tests using habitual model.

Follow the Arrange-Act-Assert model

Interface mocking support

Isolate dependencies declared as interfaces which contains methods, properties, indexers, events, generic members etc.

Interface mocking support

Flexible Fake Arranging

Arrange different fake-object behavior using smart argument matchers.

Flexible Fake Arranging

Fake member calls count asserting

Verify whether some fake-object method or property was called (and how many times it was called).

Fake member calls count asserting

All .NET projects support

Use True Fakes to write web and desktop along with mobile unit tests. It supports ASP.NET, .NET Core, Universal App Platform, Portable Class Library and other projects.

All .NET projects support

Supported Platforms



Windows Phone


.NET 4.5 and above

Test your mobile code using your favourite IDE.

Visual Studio 2013/2015

Xamarin Studio


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